African Nightcrawlers

We raise African Nightcrawlers (eudrilus eugeniae) which is a very popular type of commerical worm in the US and around the world. This type of worm has a very lively character and are excellent for use as fishing bait, vermicomposting, and for producing worm castings.

African Nightcrawler worms measure about 3-7 inches in length, but can grow up to a foot long. They are also known as Super Reds, Japanese Tigers, or California Super Reds. They prefer temeratures of 70 degrees Fahrenheit or above, but they can be slowly accustomed to lower temperatures - no lower than 60 degrees F, however. African Nightcrawlers are one of the most productive breeders of the earthworms. Thus, warmer worms are much more active and lively.
The African Nightcrawlers are used heavily in the fishing industry. They have the advantage of a longer shelf life than most other worms. They are also commonly found in backyard compost bins and in worm farms. Vermicomposting is an excellent and natural form of recycling food and garden waste and turning them into a nutrient-rich compost or worm castings. People cherish this byproduct of the Nightcrawlers as it is rich in natural nutrients that are great for lush lawns, flowers, vegetables, and fruit.

Nightcrawler worms are also responsible for improving the soil and promoting healthy plants and flowers. Nightcrawlers help to increase the amount of air and water that gets into the soil. They break down organic matter, like leaves and grass into things that plants can use. When they eat, they leave behind worm castings that are a very valuable and organic type of fertilizer.

The African Nightcrawler is an excellent vermicomposting worm. For almost two decades, the African Nightcrawlers have been revitalizing the soil and playing a major role in solid waste management in Southeast Asian nations, including being one of the main characters of vermicomposting in the Phillippines. They are able to break down cellulose material without as much help from soil bacteria as their redworm cousins require. They are the perfect worms for home vermicomposting bins and for vermicomposting more fibrous materials such as leaves.
In addition to fishing and vermicomposting, Nightcrawlers are also used in exotic pet markets as food for birds, fish, koi, turtles and other reptilians.